Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sam G's 100wc - Week 26:

Click for image for a larger version!


  1. Thas was realls cool sam good decribe words

  2. Isaac the Badger29 March 2012 at 16:33

    I agree with Liam, excellent!

  3. The idea of biting into a chocolate bunny and finding it was meaty in the middle is disgusting. Well done! Powerful imagination (and very neat writing!)

  4. Wow Sam- Great 100wc! Yes you are right, I don't want to eat one of there chocolate rabbits, This might sound weird but I dont get the part when you said that you would be in a meaty situation, Why would you be in a meaty situation?

    Other than that Great 100wc!

  5. I really enjoyed reading this. I loved the idea and thought it was funny when you said that if you bit into a chocolate bunny you would be in a meaty situation! I would hate to bite into one of those! Why not check out our blog at
    From Jessica


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