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We want as many comments from our visitors as possible - the whole point of this blog is for the children to be able to share their learning with friends, family, the whole world! Getting comments on their work really is motivating for the children. I also gives them a purpose for the work they do - their work is being read by a genuine world-wide audience. There are many posts for you to read - you can read the most recent ones on the homepage, or scroll to the bottom of the page for an archive of older posts. One the right-hand side of the screen there is also a search facility, so that you can search for your child's work (use their first name, or SamB/SamG if a name is repeated!).

Parents and other visitors! Please don't just read the blog - be a part of it! Make comments on the work, praise it, give ideas for how it could be made even better. The more this happens, the bigger the motivation it becomes for the children. Don't just comment on your own child's work, comment on anything you find on the blog! Be assured that the blog is a safe area for your children's work to be shared - no comments are displayed until they've been approved by me.

We're working hard to get work from every child on to the blog. If you want to do something for the blog with your child at home and then email it in, please feel free! We'd love to have work from parents as well as children shared here! The blog's email address is

We're looking forward to hearing from you! Perhaps you might share your memories of your school days, write about a favourite family trip, maybe you've created something magnificent on your computer, or done an artistic masterpiece with your child - it's up to you!

How to make comments:
Making comments on the blog is easy! At the end of each blog post, there is a 'comments' button which displays how many comments have been made on that post. Click on this and you will be able to make a comment too! When you click on the button, you'll open up a box in which you can type your comment. Under this box there is the 'Comment as' selection tool. If you have a gmail account (free to set up here) you can sign in to comment. Alternatively you may choose the 'Name/URL' option - type your first name into the name box (or something like: 'Pete's mum, Tricia' - no surnames please!) and leave the URL box blank - you can then leave your comment!

Commenting Golden Rules!
These rules should be followed by all of our blog visitors - children and adults! They will help to make sure that our blog is a safe and fun place where we can share and celebrate our learning.

1) Keep yourself e-safe! Don't reveal personal information on the blog - only use your first name.
2) If a photo has been used on the blog, please try not to name the people in it.
3) Be friendly! Try to begin a conversation - ask questions! You're much more likely to get comments back if you do this, rather than leaving short comments.
4) Be a critical friend - it's fine to point out things that could be done better - but make sure you suggest how this could be done. Also, make sure that you point out the good parts of the work too!
5) Remember that the blog has a world-wide audience, so try your best with spelling and punctuation. Don't use slang - it can be difficult to understand, especially for our international visitors!
6) Respect everyone's opinions, even if you don't agree with them!
7) If you have work published on the blog, please make sure that you check back on it to see if you've received any comments - then you can reply!
8) Enjoy the blog!

Mr Kenyon.


  1. Well done Grace and Mya we really enjoyed your poems. Thank you Mr K. for the Ash Class Blog it is fantastic idea. we are constantly amazed at the imagination, effort and hard work put in by Ash Class to achieve such outstanding results.

  2. Having been listed as visiting from Timaru I thought I would leave a comment too.
    Great idea to do the 100WC using a recording. Maybe some of the children in my class could be persuaded to do it that way too. It looks as if you enjoy the 100WC activities.
    Do you know where Timaru is? I think it will be about as far from you as it is possible to be. :-)


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