Y5/6 Live Writing session!

On Friday afternoon our Y5&6 classes, Ash, Chestnut and Maple took part in a live writing session. In small groups the children wrote a first person piece, responding to picture prompts. You can view the whole Live Writing session by clicking here. The final pieces produced by Ash Class are displayed below - there was some wonderful writing produced so well done everyone!

Charlotte, Oscar & Chloe:
Frozen, I slowly made my way through the heaps of the freezing cold snow.  The sun was burning my face as I felt more alone as the minutes went by. The snow somehow grew deeper the higher I trembled. The freezing cold ice froze my blood as I approached the top of this ice blading mountain. Despite being frozen to the spot, I had managed to pull my enormousness, black bag up to the limit. The ice capped mountain stood over me like the giant of ice. Overjoyed that I reached the top of the towering mountain, I couldn't resist the amazing view. Step by step I climbed down and made my way back get warmer the further away from the mountain I got.

Aaron, Ethan & Ceri:
This is amazing, I cannot believe I'm climbing the great Mount Everest. But the icy air is too cold for my bones, and it feels like my veins have frozen up. I feel like I'm getting frostbite, and I’m beginning to feel pretty dizzy... Hooray! I wish I could do this more often so that I can bring joy to my life. Now to get off this mountain, "I need help NOW!"  (echo)

Matty, Alex & Callum:
Closer and closer, but still gasping for breath I carried on hiking my way up the mountain. Slowly but desperately, my strength was fading away, I saw a shadow I thought it was hope but it turned out to be my imagination. Suddenly I fell I thought I was a goner, coming to a stop I realised I couldn’t move, I was done for!

Waking up from a coma, I saw that I was still in the mountains. Trying to move, I knew there was no hope! I started to use my arms to drag myself up the mountain I couldn’t carry on. Exhausted, I knew I couldn’t go on any further, choking on my last breath I fell asleep never to wake up.

Sam B, Grace, Jack M, Liam:
The pure white flakes fell swiftly around me. As the blood chilling snow landed on me I thought will I survive? Silently I thought to myself I have come an incredibly long way yet there was more to come. As I trudged through the metal thick ice I felt myself becoming weaker. My fingers are so cold they are burning and I can feel my bones freezing. I am so hungry I would eat a horse; the last thing I ate was a seal one month ago. As I walked through the snow I sensed something behind me I slowly turned around I saw it was a polar bear! As I ran screaming the polar bear stopped and roared ferociously. Suddenly I slipped - was this the end? No I survived but the mission died...

Mya, Sam G & Dylan:
Freezing ice capped mountains tower above me. I could feel the icy cold breeze waft by my frozen face proceeded up the treacherous mountain. The white snow was freezing through my heavy hiking boots numbing my toes. I must get up that mountain- I will show them. Soon the summit of the marvellous mountain was finally in sight. The blinding, hazy sun rose slowly from the jagged horizon, its beautiful beams spread across the wonderful landscape. The feeling of reaching the top of the mountain was amazing, my heart was pounding as though it was about to burst out of my chest. Nervously, I made my way down the mountain steadying myself. Something made me turn around - snow started crashing towards me. I knew this was the end - I should have listened...

Molly, Lauren & Sammy A:
I could feel the blood-freezing snow melting through my think, winter boots... Was this the end? This is a matter of life or death; I reckoned it was death for me. I knew there was a massive sheer drop behind my aching back...After weeks of searching I finally found luck! I was searching for the, 'Lost treasure of the hidden world' Shimmering in the distance, I thought I saw the dazzling diamond! But I was wrong, it was just and shiny block of ice. Me and my friend decided to move it, it was the best idea we ever made. It was the glorious entrance to beloved heaven. We stepped down into the first melting step, and we on and on down the never- ending stairs... They went up and up, until we saw beloved day-light. I stepped out into the freezing, and all I could see was dazzling crystals before me. Quickly, I got to work picking up all the shining crystals, not missing any. Finally, luck had struck me, and from that day on I was a true hero…

Isaac & Owen:
Dear Diary, I carefully crawled up the blinding sunny, but freezing mountain path. My blood suddenly froze, cutting off the circulation in my weak hand. Silently but bravely, I put my frozen foot into the crisp snow. I now regret climbing this widow-maker of a mountain. WILL I SURVIVE THIS HARSH CLIMB??? I looked back at the amazing, mesmerising landscape, which I proudly took a photo of. I was very near the summit of Everest. I'd seen no-one at all but me; it was a day I'd never forget! My spine shivered as I looked down to the ground. All I could think about from then on was getting down. This was because a creature jumped out of a hole in the rocks, petrifying me! Nevertheless, I kept climbing the last leg. I'm starting to climb down now, as I look up at the rocks for the last time.
Martin the Mountaineer.
PS. I will write my next entry soon!

Samantha, Ester & Ella:
As terrified as a hunted fawn, I made my way up the blood freezing ice-burg of a mountain that no human has ever been before. If I do this I will gain enough money to buy a cure for my sister's cancer.


  1. Wow I remembered when it was snowing in surrey.

  2. I remembered when I climed a mountain last summer

  3. Wow!! These are really good!!! Do you write like this often?? Some of you could be writers.


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