Thursday, 29 March 2012

100wc - week 26 - part one!

We have a lot of 100wc entries this week, so I thought that I'd put a post so you can find them a bit easier - just click on the name and it'll take you to their post! So far, we have the following entries published (more will follow!)...

Samuel A
Jack W
Sam G

Enjoy reading AND commenting on them! Remember, comments should include what you like about the work, but also some ideas on how you think it could be made even better!
Mr K :-)

Ceri's 100wc - week 26.

Please click the image for a larger version!

Emelia's 100wc - week 26.

Please click the image for a larger version!

Samuel A's 100wc - week 26.

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Jack W's 100wc - week 26.

Please click the image for a larger version!

Emily's 100wc - week 26.

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Samantha's 100wc - week 26.

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Kirsty's 100wc - week 26.

I quickly ran to Easter Farm to see the baby rabbits hopping in the shed. Suddenly the beautiful blue sky changed to a muddy brown colour. It started to rain! Not just any rain but big, giant chocolate buttons. I leapt for cover as quick as a flash! From my hiding place I could hear gigantic cracks as the chocolate rocks hit the ground, I felt scared.
After a while, I walked out slowly. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw the hopping rabbits changed to chocolate rabbits!!
As the sky turned blue again I watched as the chocolate rabbits melted in the sun....

By Kirsty, supported by Mrs Robinson.

Liam's 100wc - week 26.

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Sam G's 100wc - Week 26:

Click for image for a larger version!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

100wc - week 26!

Here's the prompt for the 100wc this week - it has an Easter theme!

...the chocolate rabbit melted in the sun...


Hi everyone - here the Tinkatolli website I showed you in class. The address for the site is
Remember that when you register you need to input your parents' email address. Then they will be able to confirm that you are allowed to play. Remember not to use your real name as your Tinkatolli name - maybe use your tupup name!Once you've had a go on the site, share what you thought of it here on the blog!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Remember to bring in your money & slip for the maths puzzles activity session on Wednesday morning!
£3 plus the permission slip - if you've lost this slip, please get your parent to write a short note saying they give you permission to take part!

Our science group work!

This is the Prezi presentation I made from your group work in science - well done everyone!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

How well do you know your home town?

Let's see who knows their way around Shrewsbury - who can tell me what and where this is?
So Chloe got it right! It's the weir on the River Severn in Castlefields - three house points! :-)
I'll do a more difficult one next time!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Mighty Comma!

Recently we've been looking at how important commas are in our writing. We looked at a book called 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves' by Lynne Truss and soon realised that missing out or misusing commas can be a matter of life or death! For example: 'Let's eat, Grandpa' and 'Let's eat Grandpa' have very different meanings, especially for Grandpa!

Our class has come up with some wonderful pictures to illustrate how important commas are - we hope you enjoy them! (Best viewed in full-screen!)
Part One: Part Two: If you cannot see the children's work, you may need to download the latest version of Flash - you can get it for free here.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Samuel A's 5 Sentence Challenge.

It was an lovely summer day in Old, a small village. In Old I smelt the lovely flowers. I heard the stream rushing throw Old. I can see the one swan in the mane river. I felt the wind touching my tongue.

By Samuel A - Ash Class.

Lauren's 100wc - week 25.

“Mum I am going to town!” roared Mya. “Ok, see you later!” I got my coats on and stared to set off to town. Finally I got to town and stared at this lovely store with all these cuddle teddy bears. “Wow!” gasped Mya. I ran to the shop and went though the crooked door I was expecting a bright lovely shop but it was dull as black I went up the creepy stairs when BANG I fell on the floor all of a sudden someone whispered, “how can I help  you?” Mya wailed, “who are you?” “Where have you come from?” Mya screamed.

By Lauren - Ash Class.

Sam B's 100wc - week 25.

It was a Monday, a school day but when I got to my mums room she gasped, “You are not going to school, you are red!” On that note I got my duvet and went down stairs to watch TV and go to sleep. A boring day. Half way though the boring day mum said the one thing I hate. Mum asked, “How can I help you?”… It kills me! She can be the most annoying person in the world I mean who would go that low she is the lowest of the low. So low she can’t be seen.

By Sam B - Ash Class.

Molly's 100wc - week 25.

I walked into dusty room. The crooked door slammed behind me. I took another step forward; the light flickered in the bitter cold. Then I heard a creepy footstep step towards me, I took the slightest step back. The sign creaking in the freezing wind outside.  Suddenly, a huge rocking horse fell off the dusty stool window. My heart started to thump rapidly. I heard another footstep. “Who’s there?” I whispered. Then the voice reply back to me, it asked, “How can I help you?” in a very curt voice.  I took a small step back and sped out of the creaky door.

By Molly - Ash Class.

Matthew's 100wc - week 25.

One day I was jogging down the street when I saw a shop called ‘Buzy Books’ I walked in, it was complete darkness. I heard a noise, “Hello!” I shouted - there was no reply, so I walked further down the aisle. Suddenly a man in scruffy clothes walked in front of me, he asked, “How may I help you?” in a really weak voice.
“Don’t you mean how can I help you?” I asked “How long have you been in this shop?”
“Thirty-nine years,” he said with his voice fading away. Then I realised he had died…

By Matthew - Ash Class.

Jack W's 100wc - week 25.

It was the 50th day that that stupid robber stole from us again, we’ve called the police and everything but they will not listen. It was the sixth time we’ve called the police, they got fed up of us calling them so they said, “fine but just this once!!!!”  I leaped ten feet in the air saying, “YES!!!” Suddenly there was a kick on the door, I slowly tip toed to the door, I heard a loud bark. I opened the door and I saw a police man with a dog beside him, “how can I help you?” I asked.

By Jack W - Ash Class.

Isaac's 100wc - week 25.

The Judge turned to me, he asked for my story. So I told him how I was creeping down the dark, damp street. Then suddenly, disaster! A tall man; dressed in bright blue turned to me and asked, “How can I help you?” It was the local policeman. I had to tell him that I was going to burgle his house, which didn’t go down to well! I the Judge also that he had handcuff me and brought me to where I am now.

“I see you were going to be pretty naughty,” bellowed the Judge. “Five years in jail for you…”

By Isaac - Ash Class.

Dylan's 100wc - week 25.

The strange voice...
I was walking home when I heard a strange voice coming from behind me it said “how can I help you” turned around nothing was there heard it again I turned round still nothing was there I started getting scared I starting walking  in the direction of my house I heard it again but this time it sounded angry and wouldn’t  stop I finally arrived at my house I opened the door it stopped but then the glass smashed I got even more scared my mum walked through the door and quickly told me what was happening.


By Dylan - Ash Class.

Charlotte's 100wc - week 25.

The police asked, “How can I help you?”
“He took my keys, and he robbed my house and car!” I explained to the officer. But all I could hear was the ear-piercing sound of my phone alarm that woke me up. “Phew it was only a dream!” I thought to my self. But then I actually awoke and found my self in prison. “Why me? I didn’t rob anything or anyone, I didn’t do it!” I cried.
I had no hope at all, I knew it.
“You're out.” The officer told me, I ran out with hope and joy. This was my life.

By Charlotte - Ash Class.

Amber's 100wc - week 25.

A young lady asked “how can I help you?”
“How do you get to the church?”
“Go strait on then turn left.” Said the lady.
But the lady sent her the wrong way so she was late.
“Oh no” said the lady. She was late for church what was she going to do? So she asked another lady but the lady said “NO I am not going to help you.” So that lady did not now what to do.
So if anyone body asked to help do not send then the wrong way. Unless you are bad.

By Amber - Ash Class.

Emily's 5 sentence challenge.

One day I went to the country side in the summer holidays. It was quite old and quiet there was barely anyone there. Then the next day flew by me and my sister went down to the lake and we got some fish. There were two beautiful white swans. There where lots of colourful flowers there were pink ones, red ones, yellow ones and white.

By Emily - Ash Class.

Aaron's 5 sentence challenge!

One day I was rushing down the lane and I came out by this village it was beautiful.
There was people fishing and there was an old fashion car.
It was amazing the houses were beautiful and the trees were as well.
The church and the houses were really good the water was as shiny as gold, I went into a shop it was as cool as everything in the world. IT WAS COOL.

By Aaron - Ash Class.

Lucy's 5 sentence challenge!

One fine morning, I felt so ill that I didn’t go out. I opened the window and saw a lovely scene. I had never seen this before. Something moved rapidly – what was it? It must be the ducks flapping their wings!

By Lucy (with some help from Mr K)

Chloe's 100wc - week 25

I gently walked into the silent library. I looked around, but no-one was there. I thought I was meant to be meeting someone. So I slowly walked to the door, but suddenly the door slammed close. I didn’t know what to do. “Aaaaaaahhhh!” Then a creepy voice asked, “How can I help you!” The voice was croaky and I didn’t even try to go to the door, because who knew what the voice would say next! Then suddenly a face appeared in a mirror! “Aaaaahhhhh!” “What are you doing in MY library?” I sprinted round the library. What would happen next…

By Chloe - Ash Class.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Oscar's Olympics Presentation!

Here's Oscar's Olympics presentation, which he made at home using powerpoint and then emailed into the blog. Well done, Oscar! :-) 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

100wc Week 25 & Five Sentence Challenge!

The new prompts for the 100 Word Challenge and the Five Sentence Challenge have been published...

Green & Orange groups should do the 100 Word Challenge.
Reds do the Five Sentence Challenge.
Blues - it's up to you which one you do!

100 Word Challenge:

...??? asked, "How can I help you?"...

So you're going to need to include some speech in your 100wc! Remember the punctuation!

Five Sentence Challenge:
Quite an unusual prompt for the Five Sentence Challenge this week - a picture! Click on the picture to open up a larger version of it - what can you see going on?

Everyone really think carefully about the words you use - are they the best they can be? When you've finished, make sure you edit your work - let's get into the showcase again! :-)

Our international visitors!

Grace suggested that we have a post to celebrate the amount visitors we have had from different countries, so I created this Tagxedo, which contains the country names (some are duplicated!). At the moment, we have had visitors to our blog from 33 different countries, including Iraq, Peru and Chile - amazing! It's fantastic to think that our work is being looked at all around the world! :-)

You can click on the picture to see a super-sized version (may take a while to load!)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Our Face Britain Portraits!

To view our fantastic facebritian portaits, you'll need to be running latest version of Adobe Flash Player - you can download it for free by clicking here. If you wish to purchase prints or souvenirs with your child's work on, please ask Mr Kenyon for details!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Ethan's 100wc - week 24.

"That was very interesting, Timothy. Now it's your turn, Billy."
Yaaaaaaay! I love show and tell! It's fun. But mine is the best. Just wait.
"My show and tell is my pet spider, tarantula, thing. His name's Steve. He's fifty years old, but he's very playful. When he's scared, he turns white, but he turns black when he's happy. Anyone want a closer look?"
Loads of hands raised, so I carefully pushed him onto a plate, so everyone could see him.
Some people said things like: "Cool!" or "Epic!" or "I want one!" or - well you get it.
It was the best show'n'tell ever.

By Ethan - Ash Class.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Your homework for the next few weeks!

Your homework for the next few weeks is a bit different! In between now and the end Easter break I'd like to get your families involved in our blog. At the moment, we're getting some wonderful comments from around the world, but it'd be great to get more from our parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles - anyone!

But first we need lots of things for them to comment on! Some of you already have lots of work published on the blog, but we need work from everyone in Ash Class - this is where your homework tasks come in...

Task One:
You need to create something for our blog. Our topic after Easter will be the Olympics, so that's what we'll base our task on :-) What you create is up to you - here are some ideas...
- A piece of writing (story, research, information, poem, biography) with an olympic theme. You could type on Word and then email it into the blog.
- Could you get your parent/grandparent/auntie/uncle/etc to tell you about their favourite olympic hero - type it up with them for the blog!
- A presentation about the olympics - use Powerpoint, or try something like or googledocs.
- If you have a microphone, or a computer with a built-in microphone, you could record your piece of work as an audio file. Then email it in to the blog and I'll put it on there!
- If you have a video camera, you could create an olympics-themed video.
- You could create some olympic artwork, then photograph it and email it in. Or we could scan it in school and add it to the blog :-)
- If you enjoy Scratch, you could create something on there with an olympic theme, then we could add it to the blog.
- Anything else you can think of! It doesn't matter if you do not have a computer at home, you can do your piece of work by hand and then we can type up/scan/photograph it for the blog in school :-)

Task Two:
Once all our work is on the blog, we need to get our families involved - I want you to pester mums, dads, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles to comment on it!!! We want as many as we can get - have a look at the guide below for some ideas on making great blog comments - click to enlarge it (thanks to Leopold Primary School for the tips!).
By the end of the Easter holidays, we should have some fantastic pieces of work from everyone in our class - plus lots and lots of comments from our families!!!
Get thinking - the more imaginative your work, the better!
Mr K :-)

Spellings - Monday 19th March:

Here are this week's spellings - remember that you'll need to think of number ten for yourself!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Chloe's 100wc - week 24.

So there I was, carefully waking down the road with about fifty,white spiders following me. I was scared to death but I knew if I screamed they would chase me. I tried to push them away - another one came!
I couldn`t hold in my fear, "Aaaaaaaaaah!"
I sprinted down the road and could hear the marching of the spiders behind me. I was terrified. I screamed. I shouted but no-one hear me. I started to worry, where had my mum and my dad gone....
Who would help me. Where did the spiders come from? Someone help.....

By Chloe - Ash Class.

Molly's 100wc - week 24.

There I was walking down the filthy side streets of Rhyl. I was carefully watching my feet to make sure I didn't tred on anything. But then suddenly I heard a strange noise, it was very quiet. Then I heard it again and again, it seemed to get louder and louder. It seemed to be coming to me. I quickly backed up to a brick wall, it was a dead end. I pushed myself back up to the wall. Suddenly a huge white spider crashed down to the floor right infront of me. I saw fifty small spiders climb around me. This was the end...

By Molly - Ash Class.

Isaac's 100wc - week 24

“It was horrible,” I whispered to my best friend, Ben. “This is how it begun…”

As I carefully crept along the forest floor, I could sense danger. I was following a silk trail that led from my tiny house in the village of Shrewsbury. With splinters all over my body, I finally arrived at what seemed to be a creepy, white house. Back then I had no idea that if I pushed the door open I’d find a fifty foot long hallway. When I’d finally reached the end I saw something bad. A terrifying, two-hundred pound, diseased, man eating spider

By Isaac - Ash Class.

Sam B's 100wc - week 24

Today I carefully stepped out of bed but stood on a spider and thats were it went bad. I got dressed, cleaned my teeth and steeped out side but the sky was covered in white clouds. And then I saw a gang of fifty people coming to me, so I ran and ran and ran and I never stopped. I ran all the way around the world and I stopped at the isle of white. But I has to stop and thats when they pushed me of a clif into the sea, it was weird it did not hurt at all not at all.

By Sam B - Ash Class.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Your abseiling teacher!

You'll have a great time here next year guys, it's fab! :-)  Mr K

Video game software!

Hi everyone, the software that's like Scratch is :-)

Monday, 12 March 2012

Amber's 5 sentence challenge - week 3

In the garden I have lots of beautiful flowers. In the garden I play with my friends. In the garden the mud is made out of milk chocolate. In the garden I have toys made of sweet jelly beans. That’s what’s in my garden. By Amber - Ash Class.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Chloe's 100wc - week 23.

As I slowly walked down the narrow road I heard a voice in the sky saying,

"The weather is becoming your worst enemy."

At first I thought it was a voice in my head, but then I slowly lifted my head and saw that the weather had changed for the worst....

Then as quick as a flash I was at the closest house to me and I was already telling them what had happened. They couldn`t believe what I had just told them and they immediately told me to come in. I rushed in a kept safe and warm. What had I done to get this?

By Chloe - Ash Class.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Ethan's 100wc - week 23.

 Everyone was inside. The worst experience ever, we all say. This had all started on a bright summers day, a week ago. The weather forecast said, “ We have predicted high storms everywhere, meteor showers and tornadoes. Stay underground everyone!” That scared us all. But it was worse. Blizzards, tsunamis, everything horrible.
Many didn’t make it. The world was covered in bloodshed. This had all happened on the day of my birth, the 29th of February. I was going to have a party, but my friends got killed. It was true. The weather had surely changed for the worst. Never to be continued………

By Ethan - Ash Class.

Ester's 100wc - week 23.

"I was out walking my dogs, Daisy and Rover, when it happened. The weather changed for the worst, and when I say the worst, I mean the worst. Black clouds seeped into the sky and blotted out the Sun. The rain poured down in huge lumps and I wondered how I would ever find my way home in the fog. It was like all the worst weathers combined. I looked at my compass and turned to face northwest, the direction I had come from and hopefully the way home. Finally I was home. Home, safe, warm and generally good."
"Good story Ma! Tell me it again!"

By Ester - Ash Class.

Isaac's 100wc - week 23.

Oh no, I thought, it’s the 29th of February, and the weather’s changed for the worst! Leaping to my bed, quivering madly, I could hear the tornado buzzing around unstoppably. Then the crackling laugh came from the bright green bush… But then, Lady DeVille jumped out the bush with blood-thirsty teeth hanging out her ghostly white face. Smashing the glass in my window, DeVille launched herself onto my tiny bed. Bruised and battered, I climbed out the now red with blood duvet. It was a bloody battle, with me finally kicking DeVille out the smashed window. Will she ever return…

By Isaac - Ash Class.

Molly's 100wc - week 23

Today we went to Sandy Cove beach, on the weather forcast it predicticed it would be the warmest day of the year. But it was so, so wrong. We drove down the winding lanes of Sandy Cove. Finally after hours of driving we reached the sandy beach. We all stepped out of the sea blue car, our toes burning on the baking sand. I ran out to the sea and started to paddle in the warm water. My  mother set out the scrummy picnic for us all to eat. Suddenly the weather changed for the worst - oh no! I forgot it was a dreaded  leap year... 

By Molly - Ash Class.

Sam B's 100wc - week 23

I was on the train ready to go up Snowdon Mountain, the weather was beautiful. But when we had got to the top I sighed, "oh no the weather has changed for the worst." When I got off the train the wind blew me back! Once I had battled the though the wind to get to the shop, I had a massive hot chocolate to keep me warm. Suddenly we had to go back on the train but when everyone had sat down, we had to get off because the dilapidated old train had broken down-  oh no, we were stuck on a Mountain!

By Sam B - Ash Class.

Lauren's 100wc - week 23

I was playing in the soft, long grass when the sun went behind the clouds. When everyone was gasping, “HELP!” in my head, then my mum roared, “The weather it’s changed for the worst of it!” I ran in my small house, the storm came and sucked it up, went bashing though my tiny house and burned it up. Within a second all of my wardrobe fell on me, “AHHH!”

The sun was going straight though my window and I was little, not even little, smaller then smaller then smaller. “What am I going to do now?” I sighed. Mum sighed ”please help me now…”

By Lauren - Ash Class.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

100 word challenge - week 23

This week's prompt is...

...the weather changed for the worst...

enjoy! :-)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

5000 visits!!!

Wow - we've now had 5000 visits to our blog, including from 14 different countries!
Well done everybody! :-)

A BIG thank you!

A HUGE thank you to Amber, who did all this writing to go with our solar system display. Amber did this in her own time and did a fantastic job - well done, Amber!

Where in school is this?!?

Let's see who really walks around school with their eyes open! Can you figure out where in school this is?

Harry, Kirsty, Becky & Klaudiusz's 100wc

One creepy night I was playing outside when I noticed something falling from the sky - it looked like a massive pile of bones! I quickly ran into my huge house as the bones smashed onto the floor - the bones were gigantic like they were from a different planet! There were thousands of them. Weirdly the bones began to move. They turned into a horrible ball of bones which scarily started to roll towards me. It suddenly turned into a huge skeleton as big as my house! I hid under my bed and hoped it would go away…

By Harry, Becky, Kirsty & Klaudiusz (with a bit of help from Mr Kenyon)
Ash Class.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Ethan's 100wc - week 22

“Look, the temple Agada!”
We had made it. The temple had been attacked, so it was easy to get in.
We leapt past spikes, traps, allsorts.
We finally made it.
“The diamond, it’s ours!”
We picked up the gigantic diamond, got on the container, and got launched through the temple top.
“We made it, and-Huh?”
Aliens abducted our diamond! And they sent a massive ball of bones to chase us!
But then it turned into a monster! A giant pirate skeleton, that is. It ran after us and swung its giant bone sword, and it killed us both. THE END…

By Ethan - Ash Class.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Callum's 100wc - Week 22

I saw a colossal ball of bones! I was panicking and terrified, what should I do? I started running! The bones were huge; it was bizarre to see lots of bones stuck together. “Mind out Jack! “ I bellowed, Jack looked, but it was too late...

It seemed to have two gloomy eyes, one runny nose and one miserable mouth. I kind of felt sorry for the dismal sphere. Was it a friend or foe?

I didn’t wait to find out; I darted to the safety of my house! I knocked relentlessly till the door swung open. “Help Mum!” I howled.........

By Callum  - Ash Class.

Samuel A's 100wc - Week 22

Me and my dad decided to go to the museum, it was a sunny day.

We got to the museum but it was closed. I said, "oh what we shall do!” Then the door suddenly opened and then slammed. I immediately ran over to it. On the door there was a sign, the sign said come in if you dare. I pushed my dad in through the door, and in a blink of an eye we were in a room full of amazing fossils, and bones in the shapes of life sized dinosaurs, it was the most amazing day ever...

By Samuel A - Ash Class.

Ash's animal experts!

You can see that some of Ash Class have been having a fun weekend - feeding giraffes!!! :-)

Has anyone else done anything fun this weekend? I climbed a mountain called Blencathra in the Lake District - in the clouds for a long time! :-)

Chloe's 100wc - week 22

As I sprinted down the hallway I could hear the clashing of the bones as they banged against the walls. I screamed my loudest but no-one heard me. I was running down the hallway of a museum on one of the creepiest day of the year. It was the start of MARCH….
The first day of March is heard to be the day the dinosaurs come back…
Usually I would be in my cosy bed dreading knowing that dinosaurs could be in the closest museum to my house. But no, I was being chased by a dinosaur's ball of bones…

By Chloe - Ash Class.

Spellings - Monday 5th March

Mya's 100wc - week 22.

It’s the witches. They’ve done it again. They’re going to try and raise the dark made flesh, the Devil himself. The witches are going to use bone magic. I crept round the lair and looked at the plans, it was in Latin. I struggled to read it. That moment I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I tried to hide in the corner but she sniffed me out and seized me in her bony fingers. Soon after her skin became scaly and red, her eyes became fiery and horns started to grow. I had come too late the Devil was here.

By Mya - Ash Class.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sam B's 100wc - week 22

Today was the best day of my life because I went to the museum of bones. In there they have loads of bones from human bones to dinosaur bones.It’s said that the sprits of the bones are still in the musem! But I do not think so, way too old. Once I had walked to the musem (which as only round the corner). Step by step entered the musem plastic gosts were jumping out at me. I wan’t scared one bit. But then I saw some huge bones moving then they chased me. But I was to late they killed me.

By Sam B - Ash Class.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Jack W's amazing angles!

I was delighted with Jack W's work on angles this week - he did really well, using the protractor accurately to draw his angles - well done Jack! :-)

Great work, Jack - have a commendation!

Grace chosen for the 100wc Special Showcase!

Brilliant news! Grace's recording of her fabulous 100wc entry has been chosen as this week's Special Showcase on the 100 Word Challenge website! We're so, so proud of you Grace - well done!
You can see Grace's 100wc Special Showcase below...
Or visit the 100wc Special Showcase by clicking here.

Samantha - Queen of Angles!

We've been looking at using a protractor to measure and draw angles this week in maths. Samantha has become an expert at this - here's some of the work she's been doing. Well done, Sam!

Molly's 100 word challenge - week 22

I was trekking up the tallest mountain in the world, K2. My mum and dad were exhausted but I was determined to reach the peak. I pushed and pushed myself, leaving my parents behind. I was almost there, when suddenly I noticed something tumbling down the mountain, coming down at me. I quickly leaped behind a sturdy rock. It crashed down beside me. I slowey stood up and saw that the boney boulder was mysteriously glowing. I inched away from the boulder, very quickly. As I stepped away, it seemed to be rolling towards me. It started to glow brightly...

By Molly - Ash Class.

World Book Day!

There were some wonderful costumes in school today for World Book Day - we had a lot of Harry Potters and Dr Whos - everyone made a real effort! :-)