Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Harry, Kirsty, Becky & Klaudiusz's 100wc

One creepy night I was playing outside when I noticed something falling from the sky - it looked like a massive pile of bones! I quickly ran into my huge house as the bones smashed onto the floor - the bones were gigantic like they were from a different planet! There were thousands of them. Weirdly the bones began to move. They turned into a horrible ball of bones which scarily started to roll towards me. It suddenly turned into a huge skeleton as big as my house! I hid under my bed and hoped it would go away…

By Harry, Becky, Kirsty & Klaudiusz (with a bit of help from Mr Kenyon)
Ash Class.


  1. This is a super 100 Word Challenge and had me gripped from the very beginning. It's also really nice to a collaborative piece of writing, well done to you all.

    Mrs Stones - Miriam Lord Primary, Bradford

  2. Wow!
    We love this 100 WC and if you don't mind we are going to use it on our blog?
    Have a visit later to see if we are managing it!
    Mrs Harvison

  3. great work

  4. well down this is a great 100 word changle hope youes gets picked on the sow case

    1. isaac the hedgehog14 March 2012 at 16:25

      did you mean 'yours' and 'show'? I agree with you

  5. Great story Harry, Becky, Kirsty and Klaudiusz from Matty

  6. Incredible Isaac8 March 2012 at 16:43

    I agree with 'Minty Matty'! I can't stop laughing when you say Minty Matty! LOL!

  7. i think that story is great im really intrested in it can you tell me when you are gunna write part 2 plz im really exited about it cheers 4 the great story from elise in chestnut

  8. I loved this, makes me want to read more! Well done all of you x

  9. I love the story.

  10. WOW that is a great blog. I can't belive that you wrote this much. I think you should be the blog king or queen. !


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