Friday, 23 March 2012

Aaron's 5 sentence challenge!

One day I was rushing down the lane and I came out by this village it was beautiful.
There was people fishing and there was an old fashion car.
It was amazing the houses were beautiful and the trees were as well.
The church and the houses were really good the water was as shiny as gold, I went into a shop it was as cool as everything in the world. IT WAS COOL.

By Aaron - Ash Class.


  1. I really like your 100wc because some people don't use commas, but you did! Love the way you wrote 'the water was as shiny as gold'

    Mabye at the end instead of writing 'IT WAS COOL' you could ask a question to the reader like 'Would you find this this village beautiful'?

    One of the best 100wc's I've read, well done!

  2. Aaron - this is a super set of sentences. You have certainly looked closely at the picture which shows that you wanted to get your story right. Well done!


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