Sunday, 22 July 2012

Goodbye to the class & blog of 2011-12!

Well it's time to say goodbye to the Ash Class blog of 2011-12 - this will be the last post here, although we'll continue to publish any comments you'd like to make. We've had an amazing first year of blogging - nearly 29,000 visits from 94 different countries - you should all be so proud that your work has generated so much interest from around the world! You have been a fabulous class to teach and I am 100% certain that you will be an outstanding Year Six group.

I think my highlight of the year was our trip to Borth (even though it was a bit soggy!), but another highlight has been seeing the tremendous work you have all produced, especially in ICT - videos, iPad music, Sketch-up, Scratch - you have done it all to a fantastically high standard.

You can find the new Ash Class blog for 2012-13 here - please do leave us a comment!

Mr K :-)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Our best Y5 memory!

Thank you Mr K for your teaching and all the jokes you have made.
I hope you enjoy the movie we have put together for you. THANK MR K!!!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

An Olympic Visitor!

Today we had a visit from Alison Williamson, an archer on Team GB for the London Olympics. These will be the sixth Olympics that Alison has competed in - amazing!!! She showed us her bow and arrows, Olympic Torch and also her bronze medal from the Athens games!
Good luck for 2012, Alison!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Team HSM Investigates the Toxic Robot!

Here's the long-awaited final version of our disaster movie:
Team HSM Investigates the Toxic Robot!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Back home from Borth!

What a great few days we've had in Borth! Even though the weather wasn't great, the children were fantastic and had heaps of fun - here's some photos of our trip - we'll get the children to do a full post soon!

Borth day three!

Our final morning in Borth and the weather is WET! Also the tide is high so we're sheltering in the classroom behind the hostel at the moment.
The children have packed their soggy, sandy, smelly clothes into their bags and cleared out their rooms - we have a group of tired but happy children who are ready for some home comforts! We'll be leaving Borth at about 12.30 so should be back at school by 3ish.
The children have been great, although they need bed-making practise before Manor next year!
Mr K :-)

Borth day two!

We all woke up early this morning because we were all excited for the long day ahead. We woke up and ran downstairs to see what the cooks had provided for us. We also found out that we would be going to the Animalarium that morning! We all rushed to get ready and then we were off!
When we got there, we all split up to see what we could find - we all found the meerkats, but there were so many that we couldn't compare them (not simples!). There were goats, a lynx, marmosets, rabbits, peacocks, emus and lots more! A bit later we all sat down and were shown some different reptiles, and even got to hold a massive cobra!
On the way back to the hostel we were lucky that it didn't rain. Later on we went to the beach for a sand castle competition, which Teifi dorm won (well done Karis, Gracie, Elise, Mya, Dana and Molly for their magnificent mermaid)! Then we played games and did whatever we wanted on the beach - it was awesome! Soon after, when we were all showered and warm and had eaten our dinner (curry!), we went down to either watch a dvd (Tangled) our draw or play games. A great, long day!
We'll see you all tomorrow!
By Emelia and Chloe :-)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Meerkats - simples!

Borth day one!

Well the first thing was the journey - it was wet! All the way it was raining! It wasn't much better when we got there, but then we saw the dormitories which were great! Unfortunately we had to make our own beds, it was tough for some... Then we went to the seaside - everybody got sandy and wet! We had a few competitions at there sand dunes (rolling down, climbing up and scrambling up on out hands and knees!) But son we were back for lunch. Afterwards we played on the beach - games, sports and a few sandcastles. In the evening there was a three course meal (soup, tuba pasta, macaroni it baked potato, and finally apple pie and custard - yum, yum!) and some time to rest in the dorms. Then we ended our devils day with a movie night - Gulliver's Travels - a brilliant day!
By Grace and Poppy :-)

Monday, 2 July 2012

Safe, sound and soggy in Borth!

We've arrived in a wet Borth and have had a great walk to the sands dunes. Bed making has been hopeless! BIG NEWS! It has stopped raining at last! Mr K