Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Borth day one!

Well the first thing was the journey - it was wet! All the way it was raining! It wasn't much better when we got there, but then we saw the dormitories which were great! Unfortunately we had to make our own beds, it was tough for some... Then we went to the seaside - everybody got sandy and wet! We had a few competitions at there sand dunes (rolling down, climbing up and scrambling up on out hands and knees!) But son we were back for lunch. Afterwards we played on the beach - games, sports and a few sandcastles. In the evening there was a three course meal (soup, tuba pasta, macaroni it baked potato, and finally apple pie and custard - yum, yum!) and some time to rest in the dorms. Then we ended our devils day with a movie night - Gulliver's Travels - a brilliant day!
By Grace and Poppy :-)


  1. Hi everyone, Lilke the photos and it's even stopped raining. Hope you enjoy yourself today. It's very strange this morning Lauren there was no queue for the bathroom. Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday with all the sand

    Mum,dad and fi xx

  2. Hi everyone hope you're all having a fantastic time, looks like you are from the photos. Trust Lottie to be the one covered in sand! Hope you enjoy your last night. Can't wait to see you tomorrow Lott. Love Charlotte's mum and dad. X

  3. Samantha's family3 July 2012 at 18:00

    Great beach art girls, looks like your having fun despite the weather.

  4. Wow! Looks like you are having great fun - hope the weather improves! Remember to look after Mr.Morris, he is getting old!!

    Newdale Primary


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