Vocaroo voice recorder.

Here's a great gadget to use to record your voice - Vocaroo! It let's you record a sound file up to a minute in length and then save it. Once you're happy with your recording, click on 'save' and then select 'save as mp3'. Most laptops have a microphone built in nowadays, or you could get one very cheaply from a shop like Wilkinsons or Tesco. Enjoy!
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  1. Hi I'm a kindergarten teacher looking for help adding voice recordings to a Glogster. I read above to click on "mp3" which I have done, but I haven't been able to put it into the glogster. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Can you assist me?

  2. PS...sorry, how did you get your voki on your blog?

    1. Hi there Dana - a bit much info to include here, so I've emailed you details - look out for a mail from ash.greenfields@gmail.com :-)

  3. I really liked your blog. :) Why did you pick this to write about? :D

  4. I really like how you added pictures.

  5. This is cool.


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