Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Borth day three!

Our final morning in Borth and the weather is WET! Also the tide is high so we're sheltering in the classroom behind the hostel at the moment.
The children have packed their soggy, sandy, smelly clothes into their bags and cleared out their rooms - we have a group of tired but happy children who are ready for some home comforts! We'll be leaving Borth at about 12.30 so should be back at school by 3ish.
The children have been great, although they need bed-making practise before Manor next year!
Mr K :-)


  1. Hi year 5, we have loved looking at your blog and seeing your posts and all the pictures.. so proud that you are having fun and making the most of the time you are away despite the weather! We have missed you and look forward to having you back in school. Mrs Comerford and Mrs Moore xx

  2. Hi Emelia! Great to read yours and Chloe's blog. Sounds like you are all having great fun! Have missed you lots and can't wait to see your lovely smile when you get back! Enjoy your last couple of hours! Lots of love, mum xx

  3. Grandma and Grandad Bobo4 July 2012 at 14:52

    Callum looks like you have had a great time Hope the weather didn't spoil all the fun Great photographs Love Grandma Bobo xxx

  4. To Mr Morris, Mr K, Mr Holmes and Mrs Williams,

    Thank you for all your hard work looking after the year 5s and making sure they had a fantastic trip (despite the weather)!!
    Looking forward to seeing all the pictures and hearing all the stories from the children! Welcome home everyone!
    Mrs R

  5. A big thank you to Mr Morris, Mr Kenyon & Mrs Williams for looking after everyone so well. Ella is tired but happy & missing some kit but i'm sure will always remember Borth! Thanks again! :)) Ellas mum!

  6. Ella has just reminded me that mr Holmes went too! So a big thank you to him aswell even though he made the puppet even more of a mess, it will give me something to do later on after the washing! Miss B

  7. Weaather is troublesome!

  8. I miss that but i was realy good but i am luky becaues i have a cavan there so i cold tack some of my friends the for a week and i have potos when we whent :)xxxxxx

  9. Hello we remember when we went to Borth it was the best school Trip we've ever been on. We're sure the year fives will love it. Can't wait for manor.


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