Friday, 9 March 2012

Chloe's 100wc - week 23.

As I slowly walked down the narrow road I heard a voice in the sky saying,

"The weather is becoming your worst enemy."

At first I thought it was a voice in my head, but then I slowly lifted my head and saw that the weather had changed for the worst....

Then as quick as a flash I was at the closest house to me and I was already telling them what had happened. They couldn`t believe what I had just told them and they immediately told me to come in. I rushed in a kept safe and warm. What had I done to get this?

By Chloe - Ash Class.


  1. Hi Chloe!

    What did your character do to upset the weather! Sounds so dramatic! Good effort.

    Well done :)

  2. Hello Chloe!!!

    SamG here, I loved you're 100wc. I think that the wether talking sounded spooky and weird.
    From SamG

  3. Hello Chloe, thanks for taking part in the 100WC. How did the weather change? It would have been really good if you had described what had happened and how you felt.
    I liked the way you asked questions as it made the reader want to read on to find out.

  4. Love your 100 word challenges Ash- great Blog!
    Mr Morris

  5. wow i'm shocked, i wish i could be a good writer like you i wanna find out more:-]

  6. same here charlotte so do i im shocked aswell your not the only one who feels like that love it chloe its good but it would be nice to describe how you were feeling while the weather was changing but it is really good i really want to find out more.from elise p.s.not being mean to you


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