Wednesday, 21 March 2012

100wc Week 25 & Five Sentence Challenge!

The new prompts for the 100 Word Challenge and the Five Sentence Challenge have been published...

Green & Orange groups should do the 100 Word Challenge.
Reds do the Five Sentence Challenge.
Blues - it's up to you which one you do!

100 Word Challenge:

...??? asked, "How can I help you?"...

So you're going to need to include some speech in your 100wc! Remember the punctuation!

Five Sentence Challenge:
Quite an unusual prompt for the Five Sentence Challenge this week - a picture! Click on the picture to open up a larger version of it - what can you see going on?

Everyone really think carefully about the words you use - are they the best they can be? When you've finished, make sure you edit your work - let's get into the showcase again! :-)

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