Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sam B's 100wc - week 22

Today was the best day of my life because I went to the museum of bones. In there they have loads of bones from human bones to dinosaur bones.It’s said that the sprits of the bones are still in the musem! But I do not think so, way too old. Once I had walked to the musem (which as only round the corner). Step by step entered the musem plastic gosts were jumping out at me. I wan’t scared one bit. But then I saw some huge bones moving then they chased me. But I was to late they killed me.

By Sam B - Ash Class.


  1. I love the very end, "But it was too late, they killed me." Its just soo dramatic

  2. Yes I agree - great effort, Sam!

  3. i liked it very very much well done sammy


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