Friday, 23 March 2012

Molly's 100wc - week 25.

I walked into dusty room. The crooked door slammed behind me. I took another step forward; the light flickered in the bitter cold. Then I heard a creepy footstep step towards me, I took the slightest step back. The sign creaking in the freezing wind outside.  Suddenly, a huge rocking horse fell off the dusty stool window. My heart started to thump rapidly. I heard another footstep. “Who’s there?” I whispered. Then the voice reply back to me, it asked, “How can I help you?” in a very curt voice.  I took a small step back and sped out of the creaky door.

By Molly - Ash Class.


  1. Another super 100wc, Molly :-) Keep them coming!

  2. Well done Molly. You have used a lot of descriptive language here and not been afraid to use some imaginative vocabulary. Have a think about using alternative verbs instead of step so you don't repeat it too often.
    Keep up your good work.
    Mrs P

    1. Hi Mrs Prior & Maple,

      Thanks for commenting and i'm very glad you liked my work!

  3. Thanks Mr K! I will keep them coming, don't you worry!

  4. oh my lord that was ace i could never write anything near that.:-]

  5. this is a great 100 word challenge molly and i`m the same I will keep on sending Mr K my 100 word challenges to!

  6. isaac the Parrot29 March 2012 at 17:21

    Great work Molls, was it a ghost?

  7. Molly,
    Super paragraph for this 100WC! It was very descriptive and engaging. I so enjoyed reading this. Good show!

  8. this was amzing Molly!!! The things i loved was: bitter cold, creaky door,slightest step back,thump rapidly.
    It made me have shivers down my back! Ceep writting and can we be blog buddys? Jessamy :)


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