Saturday, 17 March 2012

Isaac's 100wc - week 24

“It was horrible,” I whispered to my best friend, Ben. “This is how it begun…”

As I carefully crept along the forest floor, I could sense danger. I was following a silk trail that led from my tiny house in the village of Shrewsbury. With splinters all over my body, I finally arrived at what seemed to be a creepy, white house. Back then I had no idea that if I pushed the door open I’d find a fifty foot long hallway. When I’d finally reached the end I saw something bad. A terrifying, two-hundred pound, diseased, man eating spider

By Isaac - Ash Class.


  1. This is a fab 100wc, Isaac - well done! You've used some excellent language and some lovely sentences (I especially like 'with splinters all over my body') to create an exhilarating piece of work. The only problem is that I want to know what happens next - how did you escape the spider?
    Great work,
    Mr K :-)

  2. Wow Isaac - what a fantastic 100WC!

    I like how you begin your work with speech, and you have written such an exciting piece of writing. You really have a talent in description!

    Looking forward to reading another of your 100WC.

    Well done.

    Amy :)

  3. isaac the parrot19 March 2012 at 17:47

    Mr K, I don't know what happens next; maybe the spider could eat the man! Or is that too obvious? This is a story where the reader can make up an ending. (partly because I can't think of one!)

  4. Well Done Isaac.
    I really enjoyed reding this 100 word challenge.
    I have commented on everyones 100 word challenge this week and thought the were all really good. Have you seen mine?

  5. that was a very very good piece of writing issac,the discripshon was good but maybe a bit more of it


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