Thursday, 8 March 2012

Ethan's 100wc - week 23.

 Everyone was inside. The worst experience ever, we all say. This had all started on a bright summers day, a week ago. The weather forecast said, “ We have predicted high storms everywhere, meteor showers and tornadoes. Stay underground everyone!” That scared us all. But it was worse. Blizzards, tsunamis, everything horrible.
Many didn’t make it. The world was covered in bloodshed. This had all happened on the day of my birth, the 29th of February. I was going to have a party, but my friends got killed. It was true. The weather had surely changed for the worst. Never to be continued………

By Ethan - Ash Class.


  1. Wow! Good 100wc! Its actually quite scary!!!!

    Jack B
    Maple Class Greenfields

  2. Goodness me, I wonder if anyone will write a happy ending?

    Well done.

  3. that was AMAZING Ethan well done that is so good!!!!!

    1. thanks for the comments everyone!

  4. A fantastically scary and dramatic story, Ethan. You told it really well!
    I would like to ask you if a tsunami is an event related to weather.
    Could you explain this, please?
    Great job, Ethan!
    Kind regards,

  5. Hello Ethan. Wow, what an explosive and scary 100wc entry! The weather certainly did take a turn for the fact I can't imagine it getting any worse than your description!
    Well done for writing such an eventful and frightening post. I had to check this out as my class are also called Ash class :) Keep on blogging.

  6. Wow, that totally gave me shivers.

    Kennedy C. (At. John Vianney)

  7. Wow your writing really grabbed my attention. Have you ever thought about writing a novel? I hope you do.

  8. Nice 1 Ethan

  9. You did a great job Ethan I love your post's


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