Thursday, 8 March 2012

Ester's 100wc - week 23.

"I was out walking my dogs, Daisy and Rover, when it happened. The weather changed for the worst, and when I say the worst, I mean the worst. Black clouds seeped into the sky and blotted out the Sun. The rain poured down in huge lumps and I wondered how I would ever find my way home in the fog. It was like all the worst weathers combined. I looked at my compass and turned to face northwest, the direction I had come from and hopefully the way home. Finally I was home. Home, safe, warm and generally good."
"Good story Ma! Tell me it again!"

By Ester - Ash Class.


  1. Ester,
    I liked the sandwich sentence at the start. I also thought you used good adjectives.
    from Alfie
    Moorfield School

  2. Ester,
    Wonderful descriptive paragraph. I was certainly engaged as I'm sure all of your readers will be. Nice work on this 100WC--keep it up! Mrs. Doebley, Team 100WC, Ocean City, NJ, USA

  3. my work! :-)

  4. I loved the way you used loads of descriptive languge to help us imagine we were there. It's really creative not to metion dramatic! My favorite bit is definatly the way at the end you said that it was just a story - it was really funny!Mabye you could metion she had a compass and why she had a compass before just slotting it in. I can't wait to read more of your work!


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