Saturday, 17 March 2012

Chloe's 100wc - week 24.

So there I was, carefully waking down the road with about fifty,white spiders following me. I was scared to death but I knew if I screamed they would chase me. I tried to push them away - another one came!
I couldn`t hold in my fear, "Aaaaaaaaaah!"
I sprinted down the road and could hear the marching of the spiders behind me. I was terrified. I screamed. I shouted but no-one hear me. I started to worry, where had my mum and my dad gone....
Who would help me. Where did the spiders come from? Someone help.....

By Chloe - Ash Class.


  1. YIKES! Chloe this is a super 100wc, although I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep well at night after reading it! You've used your 100 words to create a real sense of mystery and suspense - I'm dying to know what happened next!
    Mr K :-)

  2. Chloe,

    That is terrifying. What a creepy thing to happen. You did a super job on this 100wc. One minor point, check your spelling. I believe you were "walking" not "waking".

    Great work! Keep writing.

  3. Molly (Who really likes Chloe's 100wc!)19 March 2012 at 18:44

    Wow Chloe- this story is really tence! Its kinda the same as mine! But I really think its better than mine! Well Done Chlo Chlo!

    =) :-) :) :~)

  4. thank you molly I have read yours and really enjoyed reading it.
    Do you enjooy writing 100 word challlenges?
    I do!

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