Saturday, 21 April 2012

Our Olympic Medallists!

I was so amazed by the fabulous Olympics projects you all did over the holidays - well done! Mr Morris and I have chosen our four favourites and they will receive a prize next week (when I'm back from my First Aid course!). next week we'll also choose our favourite of the ICT projects which were done - we'll also get them onto the blog!

So drumroll please for our winners...

Mya, Samantha, Callum and Lauren!
Well done!!!

Mya made a stunning piece of artwork based on the Olympic rings:

Samantha made an amazing and HUGE Olympic stadium that is so big that it's housing some of the other projects too!

Callum really used his imagination to create an ingenious set of Olympics Top Trump cards!

And Lauren mad a beautiful book about the Olympics!

Well done! Mr K :-)


  1. Wow they look very good well done to everyone. we hope Great Britian gets lots of medals to celebrate. 😃🇬🇧

    1. Thank you Fifi! It took me a while to work out who you were! Lozzer's book is great! :-)

  2. thx Mr k for saying that I thought everyones was great =]

  3. Wow!
    The Olympic homework that was choosen was really good. i think the top trumps is a really creative think. I love the Olympic rings that Mya made, and I loved the scrapbook and the stadium was amazing, Well done

  4. Well done all of those people, i like all of them:)

  5. Callum's Grandad26 April 2012 at 17:01

    I was very impressed with the Olympic projects, all extremely creative. Well done.
    Lets hope Team GB does as well this Summer.

  6. Well done everyone,very impressive! Team GB have a rather important Sports Day in the summer, Im sure we will all enjoy it!

  7. I really enjoyed looking at all the children's work, let's hope that team GB are as good as all of you at trying their best.

  8. Mr Kenyon I think all of the work was grate but Amber and Sam gun are the best of all.Then mya ring are good mr Kenyon"............ :-

  9. The picture was really really beautiful picture. Did ash class have fun doing the homework for the Olympics.


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