Friday, 13 April 2012

Do YOU want to be a Greenfields Digital Leader?

This term we'll be setting up our team of Digital Leaders - they'll be a small team of Year Five and Six children who will be responsible for:
- testing out new tech in school;
- helping to train other children and adults (are you confident and patient?!)
- helping to decide what tech we should have in school;
- posting your discoveries and expertise onto the Greenfields Digital Leaders' Blog;
- and also contributing to the Digital Leader Network Blog.

To apply to become a Digital Leader, you will need to go to the Greenfields Digital Leaders' Blog and find the link to the on-line application form.

Once you've completed the form, you will also need to create something using ICT which demonstrates why you would be a good Digital Leader - it could be a video, presentation, animation, blog - anything! You will need to email this to Mr Kenyon at or

When the applications are in, we'll choose a shortlist of candidates to interview (don't worry - not a scary interview!).

The deadline for applications is Friday 27th April - good luck!


  1. I don't know what to make for it.

    1. You'll have to have a good think about it! I'm sure you can come up with something fab on your iPad!

    2. I am doing a blog on my iPad and laptop.

  2. Mr Kenyon, I've done a Prezi! Check the classes E-mail!

  3. Ahhh... The intervew is tommorow!


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