Monday, 2 April 2012

Our new blogging partner!

I signed up our class blog to a project called 'Blogadopt' - basically it means that different class blogs are paired up so that the classes can comment on each other's work. Our new partner is Class 5T at Broadmeadow Junior School in Birmingham (pretty close to where I used to work!) and their blog address is here:

I know that you'll leave them some great comments and hopefully we'll get some back too - happy commenting!

Mr K :-)


  1. Is it where you used to work?

  2. Hi Ash class!
    My name is Mr Talbot and I am 5T's class teacher at Broadmeadow Junior School in Birmingham.
    There are 29 boys and girls in our class and we absolutely love blogging about what we learn every day. I can see that you have over 10,000 visits to your blog, WELL DONE! We have 9,500 visits at the moment so we are not far behind you.
    We will visit your blog as often as we can to leave comments about your fabulously exciting school work.
    Bye for now....

  3. It ts very good.


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