Saturday, 21 April 2012

Jack W's 100wc - week 27

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  1. Jack, I'm really pleased with your 100wc this week - your writing is improving so much! This story grabbed my attention from the very first sentence (being woken up by the thunder and lightning - great idea!) and you kept this going all the way through - well done!

    Also you've lots of 'ly' adverbs to help paint a picture of what's going on for your reader - fab! :-)
    Mr K

  2. Hello, Jack. What a great story. The idea of a challenge turning out to be a dream is a great twist in your story. I particularly like that you are rescuing your parents. That should connect to many readers--our parents do so much for us, saving them from a scary dragon is the least we can do for them. Keep up the great work!

    Mrs. Stading (Team 100WC)


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