Tuesday, 17 April 2012

100wc - week 27!

Hi everyone - it seems a while since we had a new prompt for the 100wc, but here it is!
On 23rd April it is St George's Day - he is the patron saint of England and legend has it that he once battled and killed a dragon. So... the prompt this week is:

...the dragon slowly stirred...

Your 100wc doesn't have to be to do with Saint George, but must include the words in the prompt, so you have 104 words in total!

Happy writing!
Mr K :-)


  1. Hi Mr K, I don't know if my work is good enough for the 100wc! Bye!

    1. Becky - of course your work is good enough for the 100wc - it's for everyone to try! You can always do the five sentence challenge if you'd prefer! :-)
      Mr K


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