Friday, 27 April 2012

Ceri's 100wc - week 28

You can listen to Ceri's 100wc by clicking play!


  1. Wow Ceri. Your use of description is amazing I really like your 100wc. :¬)

  2. That's absolutely brilliant! The only thing I'd do is turn down the music or speak up. I really like your idea to mix an animal and an object unlike most people (including me!) I love your description of his smell and sound a lot. I wish I had an Elekite!

  3. Hello Ceri,
    I think you could maybe turn down the music but I do like the way you have done the description of the smell but I LOVED it so much well done I really want more of your voice or talk a bit louder well done

  4. Your voice is very sweet.
    -Esha :D


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