Saturday, 21 April 2012

Aaron's 100wc - week 27

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  1. Hi Aaron & well done for this week's 100wc! You've tried really hard to include your punctuation and also some great descriptive language (massive, huge, suddenly, slowly). Remember not to confuse 'were' and 'where' (check your chart on your table!).

    I wonder if you all got away from the dragon and off the mountain safely? You left the story on a great cliff-hanger!
    Mr K :-)

  2. Mrs Morris Team100WC21 April 2012 at 17:54

    I agree with Mr K Aaron, your punctuation and descriptive language are great in this week's 100WC. This would make a great first chapter of a story, I would love to see the rest.

  3. hi Aaron well done& it is verry good :)x

  4. Well Done Aaron x I love the fact that you had no idea where you were going! It makes it a bit mysterious!?! Fantastic work! :)

  5. I love what you wrote on the blog

  6. what a great story aaron , wish i could read the rest x:)


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