Saturday, 21 April 2012

Some Magic Box poetry!

I thought I'd share a couple of the Magic Box poems we did before Easter. I've chosen Mya and Grace's - they are beautiful poems! I'll try to put the other fantastic poems on the site in a book soon! Click on the images  to view a larger version...

Mya's Poem:

Grace's Poem:


  1. Well done Mia and Grace! These are beautiful poems with some lovely similes and rich vocabulary. I am very impressed with your handwriting too! Keep up the good work :-)

    Miss BB, from a primary school in Norfolk

  2. The images in these poems are truly wonderful. You have used such creative words to describe them which makes them even lovelier. You both have a talent for looking beyond the subject and painting a glorious picture for your readers. Be proud! These are stunning!

  3. Hello! I also did the magic box with my class and got some beautiful poetry, glad you enjoyed it too. Well done you two, some wonderful handwriting and presentation as well as some excellent word choices.
    Miss W a year 3/4 teacher in Oxfordshire.

  4. Hello Mya and Grace,

    I think your poems are wonderful. The challenge of writing poetry can be hard. I know because I have tried. Not all poems rhyme but they do share feelings, desires, hopes and dreams. Well done, both of you. :)

    What would I place in such a magic box? It made me think...

    I will put in my box:
    The hopes and dreams of children I've taught;
    The smiles and laughter we shared;
    The memories they now share with me as adults.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  5. To Grace and Mya

    These Magic Box poetry are excelent. Keep up the good work

  6. wow Mya and Grace these magic box poems are really good

  7. isaac the badger24 April 2012 at 14:50

    great poems guys!

  8. Fantastic poems Mya and Grace! Loved them! Xx :-)

  9. Thank you.It did take me a long time to think of those ideas!

  10. Mya and Grace, fantastic poems! Thank you Mr K. for the Ash Class Blog that enables us to share in the wonderful work the class is engaged in and the great results they achieve.
    Lauren's G and G

    1. That is my pleasure! I'm glad you enjoy reading the blog! Also, have a wonderful time on your cruise - we are going to try to plot your route onto an interactive map (if we succeed, it'll be on the blog!).
      Mr K :-)

  11. Well done Mya and Grace, these poems are wonderful...the imagery not to mention your imagination and ability astounds me - well done both

    Grace's mum....

  12. Brilliant poems both of you - amazing ability with language (not to mention imagination)

    Grace's mum

  13. Amazing poems Mya and Grace. Well done!!! :D


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