Thursday, 19 April 2012

Isaac's 100wc - week 27

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  1. Well done Issac. The humour really comes across well in this piece. Great punctuation of speech too. Don't forget it's could have... not could of...
    A fun story which kept my interest.

  2. This is a lovely piece of writing Issac! It made me smile ;-) You have really taken care with your speech marks. I like the way you have numbered each line to know how far you have reached. I will be sharing that idea with my class.

  3. Great Writing Isaac! It certainly does sound like the beginning of a great adventure. That was certainly a rude interruptio,n having the house burn down. We enjoyed your humourous style of writing. Keep up the great work.
    SeniorG and Mrs Verona Gridley
    Melbourne, Australia

  4. weel done isaac i think its realy good very intresting by aaron ..........

  5. Hi Issac it's owen I loved reading your 100 word chaleng. The ider of the house burning down was great,but try to use some more intresting words in your 100 wc.

  6. Caroline Hardman (Team 100WC)23 April 2012 at 13:02

    Hi Isaac

    I had fun reading your story too, and like many people who have already commented particularly enjoyed the humorous touches! I thought your dialogue was very natural and realistic and loved the description of George. Hope you keep entering the 100WC!

  7. Hi Isaac i enjoyed your story i thought it was really funny when geroges mom said i could of been naked in here it made me laugh really hard. i cant wait to hear your next story


  8. Well done Isaac, a lovely story that was funny and well written. Your punctuattion is very good and you have very neat handwriting too! You also chose some really appropriate words to set the scene and describe the action. Well done!

    Miss Hall (Team 100WC)

  9. Isaac, I liked your 100WC, it was really good and I liked the bit when the knight said "Sorry lady, we tried to stop the dragon from burning down your house"
    Well done Isaac


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