Thursday, 26 April 2012

Grace's 100wc - week 28:

Please click on the image for a larger version!


  1. Hi Grace,

    Well done for taking part this week. You’ve described a very interesting creature with a lot of well described features. It’s great that you’ve also thought about where it comes from and what it might eat.

    I wonder if Thomas Coldnose really did find one.

    Try and stick to one tense when you are writing; it should be either the past, present or future but not a mixture of the three.

    Well done.

  2. Hi, Grace. I am quite taken with your animal. I'm glad you emphasized that there are only three, so people will be careful and not hunt them. I was impressed by your use of the asterisk to add words that weren't necessary in the story itself.

    Writers have to decide if they want to type, or handwrite what they create, or a little of both. I had to choose typing. In the seventh grade, I had straight As with a C- in handwriting. As I get older, my handwriting gets harder to read, so I usually type. You may want to start now thinking which one you prefer. Terrific entry!


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