Monday, 28 May 2012

Stopping off in Gibraltar!

Hi Everyone in Ash Class,

We arrived in Gibraltar yesterday morning and after lunch went on a visit to Europa Point and St Michael's Cave which is a natural carven with stalagmites and stalactites and they
sometimes hold concerts there because the sound is so good.

We also met the apes, there are five colonies of apes living on the rock and they are all called after members of the royal family or important people.  Gibraltar belongs to Britain and history has it that as long as the apes remain on the rock it will remain British, so the people of Gibraltar look after the apes very well indeed!   One of the ladies bought an ice cream and as she walked out of the shop an ape landed on her shoulder and made off with the ice cream.

When we were in Gibraltar we could see North Africa.  Do any of you know what the Twin Pillars of Hercules are?  Another question how wide and how long are the Straits of Gibraltar?
From Lozzer's Granny & Grandpa.


  1. Amazing pictures!!

  2. Replies
    1. I hope you like all of the monkeys I like the cave and the monkey good luck gadpa & granny.

  3. ha ha ha good monkey

  4. I wonder what the monkey was thinking . I'm going for shall I wave or put my thumbs up.

  5. I wander should I put my tonge out or sould I get a banana just get a banana for team or put my tongte at i don't know

  6. I wander should I put my tonge out or sould I get a banana just get a banana for team or put my tongte at I don't know !

  7. Have a great time on your travels. Love the pictures and the questions, we are going to research them later. Looking forward to reading your next post!

    Ash Class (and Mrs Robinson)

  8. I hope you enjoy your time at Gibraltar. It sounds alot like your journey is very interesting and your enjoying it. Carnt wait till your next post.

  9. Wow it sounds like you hade a brilliant time
    From SamG

    P.S that ape makes me laugh! :-)

  10. how did you get a pic of my dad?

    from william (chestnut)

    greenfields primery


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