Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Grace's Olympic Writing!

Here's what Grace produced in a Live Writing session this evening - the prompt was a photo of someone carrying the Olympic Torch. It's an absolutely wonderful piece of writing - well done Grace! Which is your favourite part? I think mine is the line where people are flooding her with questions - a great line!

As I sprinted through the gritty street I suddenly felt overwhelmed: why was I chosen from everyone in Longberry? My supporting friends cheered to me though, I felt extremely proud. I heard them over the screaming crowd and my thumping heart. A trickle of sweat dropped from my forehead, as slowly as a tortoise, I remembered my parents joy when we got that stunning phone call - I am holding the Olympic torch! Immediately I was determined to carry on. My arm was like iron with the weight of the, somehow holy, torch. A mob of people were following me, pushing freezing cold, metal speakers at me, flooding me with questions. Then, they stopped. All at once everyone started roaring! I'd crossed the line!

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