Friday, 4 May 2012

Sam G's 100wc - week 29:

Slowly, I opened my dreary, heavy eyes and got up to my feet and looked around.  Then I realised that I was in a forbidden forest full of magical, mystical trees.  Silently but swiftly, I walked to a tree branch.  I pulled back the leaves and then I saw it,  Dragobear castle standing proud in the distance.  Glimmering, the silver shimmering moat encircled this enchanting magical castle.  Then, above me, I saw a pink dragobear.  It flew noisily above the marvellous castle walls.  Suddenly the brown wooden drawbridge came slowly down over the clear, blue moat.  This was no ordinary castle, this was Dragobear castle.
By Sam G.


  1. Sam - this is a stunning piece of descriptive writing! I really like the way you've included your Night Zookeeper creature in there! Also, you've used plenty of I SPACE sentences - this has helped you to have a real variety of sentences, making this a lovely piece of writing for the reader.
    Happy teacher :-)
    Mr K.

  2. Hello Sam, I really enjoyed reading your 100WC entry! You have put all the prompt works together fantastically to make a great piece of writing. Your use of description is lovely too as the reader can imagine everything in their minds clearly. Keep up the good work!

  3. Ethan 21st September 201223 September 2012 at 16:42

    Hi Sam,I enjoyed your detailed story about Dragobear castle. You made me feel like I was
    in the forest,pulling back the leaves to see a magical castle. The part about the drawbridge coming down, made me think or what would walk out of the castle.
    Great Story.


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