Friday, 4 May 2012

Amber chosen for 100wc showcase!

A really HUGE well done to Amber, who had her 100wc entry to the Night Zookeeper chosen to be a part of this week's Showcase. This is an amazing achievement as there were over 600 entries! We're really proud of you Amber! You can see Amber's wonderful work below (click on the picture for a bigger version):


  1. Well done Amber! I love the fact your animal can run a marathon in just one short hour.
    Mrs R

  2. Dear Amber,

    You should be really proud that your work was chosen for the showcase and after reading it, I am not surprised.The description is fantastic with a lovely illustration.

    My children really enjoyed this challenge and with work like yours I am sure they will be inspired to improve week on week.

    Well done and keep up the creative writing.

    Mr. Foster -Shrewsbury International School Bangkok

  3. owen(homework)7 May 2012 at 08:26

    Well done Amber I enjoyed reading your 100wc.I can see you used A carp pie, but you could use some more description of how the Eltiger feels think of your senses.

  4. Fabulous writing Amber!
    If I was selecting the writing to showcase on the 100 word challenge, I would definitely have picked yours too!
    It is beautifully written and illustrated, with lots of describing words.
    To make it EVEN better, try to think of different ways to start sentences.

    Keep up the fantastic work...

    Mr Talbot
    Year 5 teacher
    Broadmeadow Junior School

  5. Jessamy from a other ash class10 May 2012 at 19:31

    This is great please viset the other class ash blog. google this Class ahs blog to share our writing with the wider world.
    Jessamy :)

  6. Cute pictures. I really liked your post. I am a student from Canada I go to the school Stawberry Hill. (S.H.E)

  7. Great job Amber I like your drawing and I like your writing it is beautiful. :D


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