Monday, 7 May 2012


We have our new quadblogging partners!

Blue 3 class at Bankside Primary School in Leeds;
Year 5 at Old Heath Primary School in Colchester, Essex;
Mrs Dosanjh's Class at Strawberry Hill Elementary School in Surrey, Canada!

We'll be taking turns to comment on each other's blogs, so I'll let you know when you should get going!
Mr K :-)


  1. Wow! It's so exiting teaming up with some school from Canada, Essex and leads.
    Happy me!

  2. Hi! I'm from Strawberry Hill Elementary which is one of your QuadBlogging classes. Your class is so smart and has great ideas for writing posts. -Jessica

  3. I like commenting on quad blogging.

  4. Hi! It's me Jessica again! Your class is very good at writing their ideas. I loved your class trip to Whittington Castle! I think you loved it too. QuadBlogging rocks.

  5. I love quad blogging because you can meet people around the world.


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