Thursday, 10 May 2012

Grace's 100wc - week 30:

"Now, what exactly do I need to do? babbled the executioner idiotically.
"Just hold up the axe and let your hands drop!" screamed the festive crowd.
"Why?" he remarked foolishly.
"To kill us." I replied calmly and with that he frantically started undoing the rope, bound securely round my poor hands.
"Run!" he urged, I obediently sprinted away, closely followed by the roaring crowd. However I was nearly safe when! THUMP! I fell over my hideously long skirt, strait onto the hard ground.
I wasn't scared at all though. Not even a little bit frightened. I was happy...
By Grace.


  1. Hi Grace, thank-you for entering the 100 Word Challenge. This is a super piece of writing and a very clever way in which to use the prompt. You have used some very powerful vocabulary and punctuation for effect, well done.
    I hope you keep entering your work and that I get the chance to read more of it in the future.
    Mrs Stones (Team 100WC)

  2. nice one Grace - Khatira

  3. Grace, I loved how you used diferent emotions in your story so that the story is fun and makes it fun to understand. I knew just like you to use quotation marks to make it look like someone is saying that thing. I also love writing funny storys so that I can teach other people about something in a fun way. Grace, why did you pick to write about this topic for your 100 word challenge? :D

  4. I love your post Grace.

  5. I really liked your blog post Grace. :D

  6. I like how you used emotions to express your story.

  7. very good Grace

  8. Wow it is sooo interesthing

  9. It is soo cool.

  10. It was so interesting and the 100wc was good grace.

    What is your favorite part?

  11. That was interesting because It was great!


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