Saturday, 25 February 2012

Only 24 days left to enter Molly's short story contest!

Don't use this story starter! Mr K :-)
There's only 24 days left to enter Molly's short story contest!
There have been four fantastic entries so far: Grace, Chloe, Lauren & Isaac.
Closing date: Tuesday 20th March!
Get writing!!!


  1. As you've said... I've all ready entered :)

    From guess who..

  2. I think it's Isaac!
    Mr K :-)

  3. Anyone visited my story blog yet?

  4. i think its grace because of on the wall wisher

  5. I would enter but I'm not from this country (hope you pick the right story:-)

    1. It's Mr Kenyon, Molly's teacher - you can enter still - we could post out a certificate if you win! :-)

    2. Hey, you could enter! We can post a certificate out to you like Mr Kenyon said!

  6. hi moll heres my story for your compatition :-D

    Spy life
    "Hurry up"amy cried to her bestfriend molly. You would think that the two girls were normal children but you are wrong! Ammy and Molly are secret spys saving the earth behind the whole worlds back....hang on the world doesnt have a back.....sorry back to the story one lovley somers morning when Amy and molly were at school there ruler comunicaters started bleaping madly wich only meant trouble.......sooo SKULL THE EVIL VILLAN WAS BACK!!!Amy acted quikly she rased her hand and lied that her and Molly had a 'save the pandas' protest, and as the teacher loved animals she gave in to the girls. Amy and molly jumped up and zoomed into the store cuboured .As molly pulled the leaver to take them to base amy asked molly:"we better get some gagets otherwise we'll be doomed in the midsts of skull"...

    ...when Amy and mollly are spys there quite differant: Amys usally a shy tomboy with a love of sports when shes a spy shes a butkicking karate master still with a love of sports. shes also NOT NOT ATALL shy she's loud.Mollys a caring mad person and a great friend to Amy. When she's a spy shes tough and a expert on gagets and computers.a few hours later AMY and MOLLY were in a furious battle Amy was kicking and punching ,meanwhile next to her molly was firing a lazer could the win.......
    from Amy hope u like it moll

  7. This is a great idear molly i wish i could have done it but i was too late. never mind Jessamy :)


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