Monday, 13 February 2012

Lauren's short story...

Lauren wrote this fantastic short story for the blog - well done Lauren!!!
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I was walking down the narrow road it had started… Suddenly everyone started to jump into their houses, but some people fell into the hole. “How is this happing to me?” As a walked to the dusty hole I saw my mum in there, she was really far down. I tried to get a rope but it was no use. I tried so hard but I also fell down too. "HELP PLEASE” it was no use, nobody could hear me scream for help from down here. Suddenly I saw some blue and red flashing lights I saw a ladder coming downhill I got hold of my mum and lifted her up and stared to climb the wobbly ladder. When I got to the top I saw my mum crying her eyes out so I ran up to her and gave her big huge hug. The nice police man gave her some tissue and put around her shoulders a blanket. Then suddenly the dusty hole disappeared and we went back to our house, my dad was there, we both ran up to my dad and gave him a big huge hug.

By Lauren - Ash Class.


  1. well done ,looking forward to the next one

  2. Wow Lauren, that piece of writing is fab! Can't wait till the next piece!

  3. Thank you I have wrriten a zoo one have you wrriten that I can read

  4. Lauren, you could enter this into my story contest! Would you like me to enter it? :)

  5. This is only 100 words not 250


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