Thursday, 2 February 2012

Isaac's 100 word challege! Week#19

I sat in my armchair and remembered the day when the ground slowly parted...

We were driving down the M64 - Dad was complaining about the bustling traffic. Suddenly we heard a strange, eerie noise coming from underneath us. It was getting louder; the ground began to shake - we were all getting worried...

Then, the real nightmare: slowly but surely, really and truly, the ground was breaking into two. Cars were disappearing fast, trees were flying up in the air, people were begging to God. But nothing was helping against this mighty beast of an earthquake. Who could help?

By Isaac.
Ash Class, Year Five - Greenfields Primary School.


  1. Dear Isaac, Ithanks for creating rhyme in this piece. Slowly but surely, really and truly. That's very lovely. Good work!

  2. Thankyou for your comment on my 100 Word Challenge, I didn't actually mean to ryhme!

    I'll have a go at the challenge next week.

    From, Isaac

  3. Hi Isaac, I like the way you begin as an older person reflecting on something that happened when he was a boy. Great use of adjectives. I wonder who did help? Will there be a second installment? Keep up the great writing and look forward to reading your next 100WC.

  4. that was awsome isaac well done

  5. Fead the fish, Ifind 'em cute!

  6. It was great Isaac left it on a cliff hanger.

  7. I like it Isaac especially when it ses the ground slowly parted


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