Sunday, 12 February 2012

Molly's Story Contest...

Write a story about 250 words long and bring it to Molly any time of the week (or add it as a comment to this post).
She will enter it for you.
You can enter between the 10th Febuary-5th March.
Three prizes up for grabs!! HAPPY WRITING!! :)

Get writing!!!


  1. Come on guys, you can enter online too you know... From Molly xx

    P.s(Thank you Mr Kenyon for putting this on the blog!! :) )

  2. Here are the prizes:
    1st-Certificate,big mystery prize...
    2nd-Certificate,mystery prize...
    Runners up-4th and 5th Small certificate..

    All of those are up for grabs, NOW GET WRITING, NOW!! xx

  3. I'll enter,
    Sally entered the dark hallway. SLAM! All was pitch black,she tumbled on something, instantly she knew what it was - Mum! Slowly a tear trickled down her face. Then hollow footsteps started thundering in,
    "Dad stop, please stop!" Shouted Sally but there was nothing of her kind,caring dad left. Just a hollowed out costume. What was really there was so terrible it could crush
    planets into dust. Sally's dad was just a toy for this thing. Sally knew she couldn't escape but she'd fight for the small future of her life. She would die proud at least, fighting was simple for it though. He would talk to you. Make you feel you should die. Talk about betrayal and loss and hardship. Sally had had so much of this she was an easy target. Then slowly she raised her sword as did the thing,
    "Why live," it muttered, "all those who doubted you? So many people have left you.So many people you trusted..." Suddenly Sally stuck her sword forwards only just being hit by it's sword.Then Sally froze, this was her father how could she hurt him?
    Then with a horrible squelch it pushed the sword straight in her stomach when a sword hit him in the back,
    "How dare you kill my daughter!" Shouted Fiona Blacks. Then she too took her final breath.
    223 words :)

    1. Goodness me, Grace - as Isaac would say, that's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! And rather terrifying!
      Well done!

    2. Yes, I'll defenetly enter that, your going for first place! :)

    3. Isaac-AKA-SilverFox380221 February 2012 at 08:39

      You copycat! :)

    4. I'm actually so scared of that first or second sentence, i'm not going to read on! But i do like it, very good!

  4. To Molly,

    Is it only your class that can enter? Because you probley don't know where I live..

    1. Hi Lucy - I'm sure Molly would like anyone to enter, the more the merrier!

    2. Well you could enter, but you wouldn't get a prize. But if you do live in Shropshire I could post your prize to you! Enter if you like!

    3. I'm sure the school could post something out if you win - a certificate perhaps!

  5. It dosen't matter.. Bye the way, I love your blog!!

  6. Molly it's really nice to start a contest - you'll be getting loads at school!

  7. I've only had 1 entry, and I would like some more please! I've extended the the time you can enter, now the 20th March.

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  9. I'll enter,

    “Well I’m sick and tired of being the chicken, I mean, I want to live a normal life, not just be famous chicken in all the rubbish ‘why did the Chicken cross the road' jokes. Its JUST NOT FAIR!” cried the poor Mr Chicken at the table, feeling very sorry for himself being in very annoying jokes all the time.
    “Now, now dear settle down now, teas nearly ready. How many times you’re complaining about being famous, it isn’t that bad!”

    After Tea, Mr Chicken was crossing the road (to get to the other side, Ha-Ha!) to buy some eggs for his omelette he was making, because every morning Mr Chicken has an omelette. He can’t be bothered to make it then, so Mr Chicken, being Mr Chicken makes it at exactly 9:37 at night. But when Mr Chicken was walking over the road with all his cameramen and assistance behind him was the moment when he noticed a silver shiny thing down a big ugly drain. It was glowing heavily, the more and more he looked at it the closer and closer he went to it. It was a strange hypnotising magical silver shiny coin. He was sure of it.

    “What is tha…” before Mr Chicken could finish is sentence he was dragged off by something.
    “Chicken?” said one of his assistances…

    223 words

    1. how did we both get 223 words?

    2. Grace, I don't know! Its a mircal!lol

  10. I've had 4 entries so far! :)

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