Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hi everyone, Ella sent this in from her hols!

Hello everyone. It's been a bit cold here on the Broads, our boat got frozen in. We went to a beach in Hunstanton & I found a fossil in a rock. I also went to a really boring Amber museum in Southwold but the beach huts were really pretty. We've visited lots of family in Lowestoft & my auntie's small farm. Still lots to look forward to though. See you next week at school. Ella.


  1. Is the broads a nit-name for Lowerstoft? this blog is educational!

    1. Hi Isaac - do you mean nickname?? The Norfolk Broads is an area quite close to Lowestoft :-)

  2. Hi Ella I love your Holliday mesig its grat did you in goy your holiday?


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